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Tony Mpoudja
Source Picture: © Cat-Line

Born on: 30 Jul 1981 , Paris -


Tony Mpoudja Harrisson is a French actor born on July 29, 1981 in Paris. It is by chance and in the middle of the year of the baccalaureate that Tony is spotted by a casting director at the end of his high school and offers him to participate in a casting of a film that will be shot in the region. After many attempts he was selected to play the role of "All Saints" in the Shark directed by Fabrice Genestal (1999), where he won the Best Prospect Award at the Paris Festival in 2001. Then everything goes on, telefilms in France and Germany broadcast on Canal + or ZDF or France television like Le lycee and also in theatre plays like Le Costume or Tierno Bokar, directed by Peter Brook for an international tour. He has since been featured in several feature films such as Dans vos rêves directed by Denis Thybaud (2004), Scorpion directed by Julien Seri (2006) and more recently in 35 Rhum directed by Claire Denis (2008) and Orpailleur (2009) by Marc Barrat.



SERIES TV WITH: Tony Mpoudja



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  • SHE PARADISE (2020)

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Bruised (2020)

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    Mangrove (Small Axe ) (2020)

  • MANGROVE (Small Axe ) (2020)

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