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Thierry Desroses
Source Picture: © Cat-Line

Born on: 12 Aug 1960 , Aix-en-Provence -


Thierry Desroses was born in Aix en Provence, he quickly moved to the Paris region where he discovered the acting profession at the age of 17. A theater and film artist, Thierry is also a director and stage director. As a child, Thierry already had a strong desire to express himself, he began his artistic career by dancing without the complete approval of his father, but this did not prevent him from investing himself fully in his passion. He started at the age of 21 by taking dance classes, then went on to train in musicals as a dancer, singer and actor, which is how he appeared on stage in the musical "La valise en carton" (1986) with Linda De Suza and Jean-Pierre Cassel. Putting aside dance, Thierry invests himself totally in the acting profession by performing in theaters such as "Le pont des soupirs" (1986) after Offenbach or "Le Jardin des cerises" by A. Chekhov, as well as in the cinema in "Les Keufs" in 1987 alongside Josiane Balasko and Isaac de Bankolé or in "L627" by Bertrand Tavernier in 1992.


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