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Géraldine Asselin
Source Picture: © Christèle Billault

Born on: 10 Oct 1970 , Martinique, France -


Géraldine Asselin was born in Martinique and moved to France at the age of 16 to pursue her studies and her passion: fencing. She decided to do amateur theater and finally found her way, she took theater classes by day and worked at night as a dancer at the Crazy Horse in Paris. Very quickly Géraldine performed in a series of plays from "Il ne faut jurer de rien" by Musset to "L'entourloupe" by A. Reynaud Fourton alongside Jean Lefebvre. She then became fully involved in a theater company "Cauda" in partnership with the director Godefroy Segal, who directed two very successful plays "Les Chiens nous dresseront" by Godefroy Segal, about the life of Bertrand Du Gesclin, and "Le Mariage de Barillon" by Feydeau.


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