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Firmine Richard
Source Picture: © Cat-Line

Born on: 25 Sep 1947 , Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe , -


Firmine Richard spends his entire childhood in Pointe-a-Pitre and does not reach the metropolis until the age of 18. Arriving in Paris in 1966, Firmine easily enters the Post Office, then the RATP. These monotonous jobs and a certain frustration pushes her to return to Guadeloupe ten years later. However, she felt she was going backwards a bit. Firmine went back to Paris and it was in 1988 by chance that she met Coline Serreau's casting director who immediately saw in her the actress she was looking for for the fiction Romuald et Juliette. Firmine thus sets foot in an environment that was completely foreign to her and that will convince her to make acting her profession. The young actress perfected and persevered in her acting career, making a series of contracts without any great difficulty, even if the 'roles for blacks remain exceptional'. She took acting lessons in Los Angeles and, back in Paris, she played roles in theatre, television and cinema.


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    Ganglands (2021)

  • GANGLANDS (2021)

      Title: GANGLANDS (2021) Série Tv: Braqueurs Director: Hamid Hlioua Screenwriter: Sami Bouajila Year: 2021 / Time: 45 mn Country: Type: Action, Drame,  Distribution: Netflix OFFICIAL WEBSITE TRAILER of the film: Ganglands Artists: Sami Bouajila, Sam Kalidi Synopsis: Mehdi, a qualified robber, and Liana, an apprentice thief, get involved in a turf war between drug dealers, […]

Tonton Manu (2021)

  • TONTON MANU (2021)

      Title: TONTON MANU (2021) Original title: Tonton Manu Director: Thierry Dechilly, Patrick Puzenat Screenwriter: Thierry Dechilly, Patrick Puzenat Year: 2021 Time: 90 mn Country: Type: Documentaire, Musique,  Distribution: DHR distribution OFFICIAL WEBSITE TRAILER of the film: Tonton Manu Artists: Manu Dibango, Yannick Noah Synopsis: Begun at the dawn of his eightieth birthday, this portrait of […]

    Marcher sur l'eau (2021)

  • ABOVE WATER (2021)

      Title: ABOVE WATER (2021) Original title: Marcher sur l’eau Director: Aissa Maiga Screenwriter: Ariane Kirtley Year: 2021 Time: 90 mn Country: Type: Documentaire,  Distribution: Bonne Pioche OFFICIAL WEBSITE TRAILER of the film: Above Water Artists: Synopsis: 12-years-old Houlaye lives in Niger, and travels several kilometers each day to fetch water. The village got together […]

    Freda (2021)

  • FREDA (2021)

      Title: FREDA (2021) Original title: Freda Director: Gessica Geneus Screenwriter: Gessica Geneus Year: 2021 Time: 93 mn Country: Type: Drame,  Distribution: Ayizian Productions OFFICIAL WEBSITE TRAILER of the film: Freda Artists: Nehemie Bastien, Gaëlle Bien-Aimé, Djanaina Francois, Jean Jean, Cantave Kervern, Rolapthon Mercure, Fabiola Remy Synopsis: Freda lives with her family in a popular […]

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