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Daniel Kaluuya
Source Picture: © Cat-Line by Fabiola B

Born on: 08 May 1989 , London, England, UK , -


The son of immigrants from Uganda, Kaluuya attended St Aloysius College, London. His early roles included Reece in the BBC's controversial drama Shoot the Messenger.

Kaluuya then joined the original cast of Skins as Posh Kenneth and was a contributor on the first two series, as well as being a staff writer, and the head writer of the second series episode "Jal" and third series episode "Thomas". He also presented the Skins Podcast (also called Skinscast).

After Skins Kaluuya appeared as a guest star in many established series such as Silent Witness, the Doctor Who special Planet of the Dead and Lewis. He has also appeared in the sketch show That Mitchell and Webb Look twice and the sketch show Harry and Paul. Kaluuya also voiced a character in the BBC Radio 4 sitcom Sneakiepeeks.

In 2009, he became a regular cast member in the ITV comedy FM as amateur DJ-Radio Runner "Ades" and also as Michael "Tea Leaf" Fry in dark BBC comedy Psychoville.

At the end of 2009, the Screen International Magazine picked Kaluuya out in their annual report as a 'UK Star of Tomorrow.

Oscars :
Best Supporting Actor


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