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Regina Hall

Regina Hall

Born: 12 / 12 / 1970 , Washington Dc , Usa –


Regina Hall (born December 12, 1970) is an American film and television actress and comedienne known for her lead role of Brenda Meeks in four of the five Scary Movie films, Candace in Think Like a Man and its sequel Think Like a Man Too and as Corretta Lipp in the FOX comedy-drama Ally McBeal.

Hall was born on December 12, 1970 in Washington, D.C., the daughter of a contractor father, Odie Hall, and a teacher mother, Ruby. She graduated from New York University in 1997 with a Master’s degree in Journalism. She wanted a career with impact and envisioned “the life” of a scribe. Her first semester changed drastically when her father died. It was sudden. And I think when sudden events that are painful happen in your life, you know, they redirect your course, Hall reflected. When you’re young, you don’t grasp the gravity of life. But when you lose someone and you’re young, you do. And so I think that started me thinking about what I really wanted to do in life. And I know my father would have wanted me to finish school. So I did that.” She began a career in the entertainment industry, starting off with a guest appearance on Sadat X’s 1996 album Wild Cowboys on the track, “The Interview”.

Around 2004, Hall’s mother was diagnosed with scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease. Therefore, when not working in Hollywood, Hall can be found volunteering for the care of senior citizens at a Sherman Oaks, California convalescent home twice a week as well as raising public awareness for the disease. “When my mom was diagnosed, I didn’t know much about the condition. But Dana Delany, who is an actress and now a friend of mine, put me in touch with Bob Saget. Bob had made a television movie about scleroderma years ago because his sister had died from it. That was back when they didn’t even know what it was. Anyway, Bob had a group called the Scleroderma Research Foundation, so I donated to that and my mother even went to the doctor Bob had suggested, who happened to be over at Johns Hopkins. At age 40, Hall unsuccessfully tried to become a nun after a bad break-up. Hall had previously wanted to become a nun at the age of 14. She was refused for being too old, as the cut off age is 39 and for having too many sexual partners.



Girls Trip
Play: Ryan

Play: Megan Swope

Barbershop : The Next Cut
Play: Angie

When the Bough Breaks

With the Ring
Play: Trista

About Last Night
Play: Joan

Think like a man too
Play: Candace

the Best Man Holiday
Play: Bonbons

Think like a man

Death at a Funeral

Law Abiding Citizen
Play: Kelly Rice

First Sunday

King’s Ransom
Play: Trixie Norton

The Honeymooners
Play: Trixie Norton

Malibu’s Most Wanted
Play: Shondra

Paid in Full
Play: Kiesha

Love & BasketBall
Play: Lena Wright

Disappearing Acts
Play: Portia

The Best Man
Play: Candy


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