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LADY LUCK (2016)

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LADY LUCK (2016)

Title: LADY LUCK (2016)

Lady Luck

Original title: Lady Luck

Director: Clifton McCurry
Screenwriter: Jonathan White
Year: 2016
Time: 114 mn
Type: ComédieDrame
Distribution: TigerEye Films


TRAILER of the film: Lady Luck
Artists: Irma P Hall, Don Battee, Trevante Rhodes, Sariah Ferguson, Sariah Ferguson


Through their individual trials and turbulence, three strangers are drawn together under one roof. Gabriele is running from a philandering, egotistical, soon-to-be former husband while finding a renewed sense of love in Dr. Perry. Monique is attempting to hide her perceived personal failures and aggressive health condition from her family.

Released: Coming soon

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