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Clarence Williams III

Clarence Williams III

Born: 29 / 8 / 1939 , New York , Usa –


As the son of a displaced musician, Harlem-born African-American actor Clarence Williams III was raised by his musical grandparents, the legendary jazz and boogie-woogie composer/pianist Clarence Williams, who wrote such classics as “T’Aint Nobody’s Business If I Do” and “Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home,” and blues singer Eva Taylor (1895-1977).

While attending a local YMCA as a teen, Williams became interested in dramatics. After a two-year hitch with the U.S. Air Force, he started up his acting career, making a minor New York stage debut with “The Long Dream” in 1960.

He continued impressively with roles in “Walk in Darkness” (1963), “Sarah and the Sax” (1964) and “Doubletalk” (1964), and capped his early career with a Theatre World Award and Tony-nomination for the three-person play “Slow Dance on the Killing Ground” (1964).

Continuing on with powerful work in “Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?” (1966) and “King John,” Vietnam-era Hollywood finally began to take notice of his “angry young man” charisma.


MORE MOVIE WITH: Clarence Williams III

A Day in the Life
Play: Sam

American Gangster
Play: Bumpy Johnson

Play: Forrest Boxer

Blue Hill Avenue
Play: Benny

Play: Winston Hancock

Half Baked
Play: Samson Simpson

Play: Bub Hewlett

Play: Grand Daddy

Rebound: The Legend of Earl ‘The Goat’ Manigault
Play: Coach Pratt

Tales from the Hood
Play: Mr. Simms

Against the Wall
Play: Chaka

Sugar Hill
Play: A.R. Skuggs

I’m Gonna Git You Sucka
Play: Kalinga

Purple Rain
Play: LePre

the Cool World
Play: Blood

SERIES TV WITH: Clarence Williams III

Tous le monde deteste Chris
Everybody Hates Chris
Play: Le Premier Locataire

The Cosby Show
The Cosby Show
Play: Mr. Thornehill

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