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Carl Weathers

Carl Weathers

Born: 14 / 1 / 1948 , Nouvelle Orleans , Usa –


Weathers had his first parts in two blaxploitation films directed by his longtime friend Arthur Marks: Bucktown (1975) and Friday Foster (1975).

Weathers also appeared in an episode of the 1970s sitcom Good Times entitled “The Nude”, portraying an angry husband who suspected his wife of cheating on him with main character J.J. In 1975, he guest starred in an episode of Kung Fu entitled “The Brothers Caine”.

In 1976, he appeared as a loan shark in an episode of the crime-drama Starsky and Hutch while also landing the role alongside Sylvester Stallone in Rocky as Apollo Creed, a role he reprised in the next three Rocky films in 1979, 1982, and 1985. For the penultimate film in the Rocky series, Rocky Balboa (2006), Stallone asked Weathers, Mr. T, and Dolph Lundgren for permission to use footage from their appearances in the earlier Rocky movies.



MORE MOVIE WITH: Carl Weathers

Action Jackson
Play: Action Jackson

Play: Dillon

Friday Foster
Play: Yarbro

Play: Hambone

SERIES TV WITH: Carl Weathers

Good Times
Good Times
Play: Calvin

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