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Djedje Apali

Born on: 06 Jan 1975 , Orleans, France 2019-07-12 - Reims, France


Born from a Guadeloupian mother and an Ivorian father, Djedje Apali lives in Bordeaux and works in the retail trade. While he is looking for a job, he is listed by chance in the casting of the film by Laetitia Colombani "A la folie, pas du tout" where he performs a small cop role. Thrilled by this experience, he decides to stop his present job and to go to Paris to become an actor.

For the movie industry he works with Felicite Wouassi in "Afrique annees 60" (2003) then with Lionel Abeillon in "Eux seuls". He also plays for the theatre in "Quai Ouest" by Bernard-Marie Koltes. In parallel with his participation on stage, he continues his movie actor career where he gets his first major role in "Apres l'ocean", released in Eliane de Latour, He also plays with Claire Denis in "35 Rhums", in "Le Village des ombres" by Fouad Benhammou.

In 2003 he dubs Mamadou in Aya de Yopougon film and we can see him later in the film made by Christophe Gros-Dubois in Las Vegas Hotel.

In Jean-Claude Barny Gives a major role to Djedje, that of "Jimmy Lariviere" in "Carribean Mob" ; the true story of a young helpless boy from Martinique, parachuted into France via the BUMIDOM**.

** BUMIDOM the Office of migrations from French overseas departments, created in 1963.

Translated and adapted by IMTC



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