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MOPE (2019)

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MOPE (2019)

Título: MOPE (2019)


Título original: Mope

Director: Lucas Heyne
Guionista: Lucas Heyne, Michael Louis Albo
Año: 2019
Duración: 105 mn
Especie: ComédieDrame
Distribución: Quiver Distribution


Tráiler de película: Mope
Artistas: David Arquette, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Max Adler, Kelly Sry


In the multi-billion dollar world of pornography, the term “kid” refers to a low-level player in the field of pornography. This is an actor who hangs out on film sets and takes menial jobs with the ambition of becoming a big star. In this tragic true story, Stephen Clancy Hill and Herbert Wong, respectively known by their porn alter egos.

Salida planificada: 16/06/2020 (Usa)

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MOPE (2019)

MOPE (2019)

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