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I GOT THE HOOK-UP 2 (2019)

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I GOT THE HOOK-UP 2 (2019)

Title: I GOT THE HOOK-UP 2 (2019)

I Got The Hook-Up 2

Original title: I Got The Hook-Up 2

Director: Corey Grant
Screenwriter: Percy Miller, Michael Ballard
Year: 2019
Time: 107 mn
Type: Comédie
Distribution: Urban Movie Channel


TRAILER of the film: I Got The Hook-Up 2
Artists: Tom Tiny Lister JrJohn WitherspoonClifton PowellRomeo Miller, Kj Smith, Jennifer Lee, Luenell, Master P, Farrah Laurel Abraham, Tanjareen Thomas


Black and Blue best friends and scammers have become legitimate twenty years ago since they opened their family restaurant. But with the threat of the health inspector, the risk of closure is very high, they could lose everything. Now it is up to the young thugs Fatboy and Spyda to intervene and save the day.

Released: 12/07/2019 (Usa)

More Film with:
Clifton Powell John Witherspoon Tom Tiny Lister Jr Romeo Miller

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