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Sy Richardson

Born on: 16 Jan 1941 , Cincinnati, Usa -


Sy Richardson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He began singing at the age of twelve and recorded his first record with Lil June and the Januarys at sixteen. He served two years of military service in the United States Navy. Richardson graduated from the University of Boulder with a BS in Advertising Journalism. After a brief stint in several Colorado newspapers, he chose to become an actor and joined the Heritage Square Opera House. He co-produced and directed the documentary, his direction of "South Of Where We Live" won one of three nominations at the NAACP Image Awards in 1988. Summers In Suffolk was nominated three times for the NAACP Image Awards in 1996. Passing won two out of ten NAACP nominations in 1997.


MORE MOVIE WITH: Sy Richardson

SERIES TV WITH: Sy Richardson

Chocolate News (2008)
Part: Clarence Baldwin

Lincoln Heights (2006)
Part: Family Member

Like Family (2003)
Part: Greg

Malcolm & Eddie (1996)
Part: Mr. Brooks

Hangin' with Mr Cooper (1992)
Part: Mr. Gooding

Martin (1992)
Part: Boss Man



    I'm Charlie Walker (2022)


      Titre: I’M CHARLIE WALKER (2022) Titre Original: I’m Charlie Walker Réalisateur: Patrick Gilles Scénariste: Patrick Gilles Année: 2022 Durée: 78 mn Pays: Genre: Drame, Policier,  Distribution: Shout! Studios SITE OFFICIEL BANDE ANNONCE du film: I’m Charlie Walker Artistes: Mike Colter, Dylan Baker, Safiya Fredericks, Mark Leslie Ford, Steven Wiig, Emma Caulfield Ford, Monica Barbaro, Carl Lumbly […]

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      Titre: RESPECT THE JUX (2022) Titre Original: Respect the Jux Réalisateur: G. H. Goba Scénariste: G. H. Goba Année: 2022 Durée: 111 mn Pays: Genre: Drame, Policier,  Distribution: Samuel Goldwyn Films SITE OFFICIEL BANDE ANNONCE du film: Respect the Jux Artistes: Tobias Truvillion, Luis Da Silva Jr., Ciera Payton, Roy Nowlin, Cory Fernandez, Ed Lover, […]

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