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Robin Givens

Robin Givens

Born: 27 / 11 / 1964 , New York , Usa –


Robin Simone Givens was born in New York City on 27th of November, 1964, to Ruth (Newby) and Reuben Givens. Robin’s father left his family when Robin was a young girl and she seldom saw him after that. Robin’s mother raised her and her younger sister in Westchester, CT.

Her mother (once linked to Yankee outfielder Dave Winfield) always encouraged her children’s creativity and helped them develop an interest in the arts. When she was young, Robin began playing the violin but quickly decided it was not for her. She chose instead to channel her artistic energy through acting and, at the age of ten, she started acting classes at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. In 1980, at fifteen, Robin enrolled as a freshman at Sarah Lawrence College to study pre-med. By her junior year, however, Robin’s excitement about the idea of a career in acting intensified and she began taking her craft more seriously.

Robin’s first experience in Hollywood was on Cosby Show (1984), the hottest show on television. As a result of the role, she and comedian Bill Cosby forged a great friendship which would prove instrumental in Robin’s career. She also landed a guest appearance on Arnold et Willy (1978). Her career was just about to take off. Robin first made it big in Hollywood in 1986. She took a role in a television movie, Les reines de la nuit (1986), as “April Baxter”. But, it was later that year that Robin became a recognizable actress in Hollywood. She was given a role on the television series Sois prof et tais-toi (1986) as “Darlene Merriman”.



Never Heard
Play: Shala Davis

the Perfect Match
Play: Geneva

Play: Elle Mme

the Family That Preys
Play: Abby

Flip the Script
Play: Rain Jones

Head of State
Play: Kim

Play: Kimberly Jonz

L’Etudiant Etranger
Play: April

Play: Jacqueline Broyer

A Rage in Harlem
Play: Imabelle

SERIES TV WITH: Robin Givens

House of Payne
House of Payne
Play: Tanya

The Game
The Game
Play: Elle M?me

Play: Ladonna

Le Pince de Bel'Air
Le Prince de Bel-Air
Play: Denise

The Cosby Show
The Cosby Show
Play: Susanne

Arnold & Willy
Arnold & Willy
Play: Ann

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