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THE GAME (2006-2015)

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THE GAME (2006-2015)

Title: THE GAME (2006-2015)

The Game

Série Tv: The Game

Director: Mara Brock Akil
Screenwriter: Mara Brock Akil
Year: 2006 / 2015
Time: 22 mn
Type: Comédie, Drame, 
Distribution: CBS


TRAILER of the film: The Game
Artists: Wendy Raquel RobinsonAnnie IlonzehTika SumpterTiffany HaddishKali HawkRobin GivensDanielle NicoletDrew SidoraJoyful DrakeTerrence JenkinsLonette McKeeLauren London, Hosea Chanchez, Coby Bell


Against the advice of her parents and cousin Joan, Meélanie decided not to pursue the studies she had planned to pursue in order to stay with her boyfriend, a professional American football player. She meets a mother and a wife of other players who will guide her in her new life…

Released: 01/10/2006 (Usa)

More Film with:
Lonette McKee Robin Givens Wendy Raquel Robinson Drew Sidora Tika Sumpter Terrence  Jenkins Kali  Hawk Lauren London Danielle Nicolet Annie Ilonzeh Joyful Drake Tiffany Haddish

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