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THE ROYAL FAMILY (1991-1992)

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THE ROYAL FAMILY (1991-1992)

Title: THE ROYAL FAMILY (1991-1992)

the Royal Family

Série Tv: the Royal Family

Director: Eddie Murphy
Screenwriter: Greg Antonacci, Eddie Murphy
Year: 1991 / 1992
Time: 42 mn
Type: Comédie, 
Distribution: Paramount Television


TRAILER of the film: the Royal Family
Artists: Omar GoodingTom WrightKen ForeeDella ReeseReynaldo ReyBarry Shabaka HenleyRedd FoxxLarenz Tate, Mariann Aalda, Sylver Gregory, Naya Rivera, Jackée Harry


l Royal and his wife Victoria had just settled down to retire when their daughter Elizabeth, newly divorced from a man that Al had always hated, moved back home with her three children, Curtis, Kim, and Hillary.

Released: 18/09/1991 (Usa)

More Film with:
Barry Shabaka Henley Ken Foree Larenz Tate Della Reese Omar Gooding Reynaldo Rey Tom Wright Redd Foxx

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