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ISSUES (2005)

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ISSUES (2005)


Title: Issues

Director : Van Elder
Year : 2005
Duration : 87 mn
Type : comedie
Distribution: Bullz Eye Productions


TRAILER: Issues With: Laz Alonsokali HawkReynaldo ReyTodd Bridges,  Ben Watkins, Shawna Vinson, Shawna Vinson, Lisa Dewitt, Mailon Rivera


Royce, a straight-laced accountant and Damien, a playboy real-estate agent are cousins and housemates at the crossroads of their lives. Royce is looking for true love and commitment, while Damien is avoiding it. Things become even more complicated with the arrival of their new and mysterious roommate, Toni, who is in the middle of everything. ISSUES is the anti-romantic relationship comedy about the complications and contradictions of everyday life. Raw, candidly humorous, and emotionally honest.

More Movie with: Laz Alonso kali Hawk Reynaldo Rey Todd Bridges

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