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EN PLACE (2023)

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EN PLACE (2023)

Title: EN PLACE (2023)

En Place

Série Tv: En Place

Director: Jean-Pascal Zadi
Screenwriter: Jean-Pascal Zadi
Year: 2023 /
Time: 52 mn
Type: Comédie, 
Distribution: NetFlix


TRAILER of the film: En Place Artists: Jean-Pascal ZadiEric JudorFadily Camara, Marina Foïs, Benoît Poelvoorde, Fary, Pierre-Emmanuel Barré, Panayotis Pascot


An educator from the Paris suburbs makes it to the second round of the presidential election. But is France really ready to elect its first black president?

Released: 20/01/2023 (France)

More Film with:
Fadily Camara
Fadily Camara
Jean-Pascal Zadi
Jean-Pascal Zadi
Eric Judor
Eric Judor


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