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WHAT’S HAPPENING!! (1976-1979)

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WHAT’S HAPPENING!! (1976-1979)

Title: WHAT’S HAPPENING!! (1976-1979)

What's Happening

Série Tv: What’s Happening!!

Director: Saul Turteltaub
Screenwriter: Bud Yorkin
Year: 1976 / 1979
Time: 30 mn
Type: Comédie, 
Distribution: ABC Company


TRAILER of the film: What’s Happening
Artists: Judy PacePercy RodriguesGreg Morris, Ernest Thomas, Haywood Nelson, Danielle Spencer


A trio of black youths learn about life, love, friendship, credit cards, gambling, and a variety of other things while growing up in an inner city.

Released: 05/08/1976 (Usa)

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Judy Pace Greg Morris Percy Rodrigues

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