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TRUE JACKSON (2010/2011)

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TRUE JACKSON (2010/2011)

Title: TRUE JACKSON (2010/2011)

True Jackson, VP

Série Tv: True Jackson, VP

Director: Andrew Gordon
Screenwriter: Andrew Gordon
Year: 2010 / 2011
Time: 28 mn
Type: Comédie, Drame, 
Distribution: Nickelodeon Network


TRAILER of the film: True Jackson, VP
Artists: Keke PalmerTristin Mays, Ashley Argota, Matt Shively, Danielle Bisutti, Dan Kopelman, Ron Butler


We will follow the extraordinary adventures of Keke Palmer, aka True Jackson, who, at the age of 15, finds herself suddenly propelled from her job as a sandwich saleswoman to the rank of vice-president for the brand of her favourite designer: Mad Style. But it’s hard to get into working life when you just get out of high school!

Released: 08/11/2008 (Usa)

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