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THE SOUL MAN (2012-2016)

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THE SOUL MAN (2012-2016)

Title: THE SOUL MAN (2012-2016)

The Soul Man

Série Tv: The Soul Man

Director: Cedric the Entertainer
Screenwriter: Suzanne Martin
Year: 2012 / 2016
Time: 22 mn
Type: Comédie, 
Distribution: CBS


TRAILER of the film: The Soul Man Artists: Cedric the EntertainerWesley JonathanJ.B SmooveJohn BeasleyAndrew B. Bachelor, Niecy Nash, Jazz Raycole, Kellee Stewart, Sherri Shepherd, Missi Pyle


The Reverend Boyce Ballentine, a superstar of the R’n’B who became a pastor, took charge of his father’s church. This change of life is not to the liking of his wife and daughter.

Released: 20/06/2012 (Usa)

More Film with:
Andrew B. Bachelor
Andrew B. Bachelor
J.B Smoove
J.B Smoove
John  Beasley
John Beasley
Wesley Jonathan
Wesley Jonathan
Cedric the Entertainer
Cedric the Entertainer


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