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SAC LA MORT (2017)

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SAC LA MORT (2017)

Title: SAC LA MORT (2017)

Sac la Mort

Original title: Sac la Mort

Director: Emmanuel Parraud
Screenwriter: Emmanuel Parraud
Year: 2015
Time: 78 mn
Type: DocumentaireDrame
Distribution: Les Films de l’Atalante


TRAILER of the film: Sac la Mort
Artists: Patrice Planesse, Charles-Henri Lamonge, Nagibe Chader, Martine Talbo, Honorine Tierpied, Camille Bessiere-Mithra


At the Reunion, Patrice tried not to sink into the madness of an island haunted by the stigmas of colonialism. Death lurks. He flees, skates, flees again, in a strange still road movie.

Released: Coming soon

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SAC LA MORT (2017) SAC LA MORT (2017) SAC LA MORT (2017) SAC LA MORT (2017)

SAC LA MORT (2017)

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