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LA COLLE (2017)

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LA COLLE (2017)

Title: LA COLLE (2017)

La Colle

Original title: La Colle

Director: Alexandre Castagnetti
Screenwriter: Christophe Turpin
Year: 2017
Time: 91 mn
Type: ComédieFantastique
Distribution: Universal Pictures


TRAILER of the film: La Colle
Artists: Karidja ToureIssa DoumbiaSonia Rolland, Arthur Mazet, Thomas VDB, Gregoire Montana


A lyceen is trapped in a spatiotemporal loop and relives two hours of lessons in the company of Leila, of which he is secretly in love …

Released: Coming soon

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Issa Doumbia Karidja Toure Sonia Rolland

LA COLLE (2017) LA COLLE (2017) LA COLLE (2017) LA COLLE (2017) LA COLLE (2017)

LA COLLE (2017)

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