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KUZOLA (2016)

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KUZOLA (2016)

Title: KUZOLA (2016)


Original title: Kuzola, le Chant des Racines

Director: Hugo Bachelet
Screenwriter: Hugo Bachelet
Year: 2017
Time: 72 mn
Type: Documentaire
Distribution: Couac Productions


TRAILER of the film: Kuzola Artists: Lúcia de Carvalho


For the registration of her new album, the singer of Angolan origin Lúcia de= Carvalho undertakes a journey through the Portuguese-speaking world (Portugal, Brazil, Angola). But this project of disk is before all the Opportunity to a personal adventure for Lúcia, a pilgrimage in the footsteps of a fragmented identity, in search of its roots.

Released: Coming soon

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KUZOLA (2016) KUZOLA (2016) KUZOLA (2016)

KUZOLA (2016)

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