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Julius Harris

Julius Harris

Born: 17 / 8 / 1923 , Philadelphie , Usa – 17/10/2004 Los Angeles,Usa


Prior to breaking into films, Philadelphia native Julius Harris worked as a bouncer in New York City.

It was due to his many associations with struggling actors, that on a dare, Harris auditioned for his first role, in the well-received picture Nothing But a Man (1964), in which he played a father in the South, alongside Ivan Dixon and Abbey Lincoln.

After, this, the 40+ year old Harris’ impressive physique and deep voice helped enable him to rack up numerous appearances in the then popular blaxploitation genre.

It was Harris’ strong appearance in supporting roles in such low-budget films as Les nouveaux exploits de Shaft (1972), Super Fly (1972), and Black Caesar, le parrain de Harlem (1973), which helped springboard him into better quality productions.


MORE MOVIE WITH: Julius Harris

Shrunken Heads
Play: Mr. Sumatra

Friday Foster
Play: Monk Riley

Let’s Do It Again
Play: Bubbletop Woodson

Black Caesar
Play: Mr. Gibbs

Hell up in Harlem
Play: Papa Gibbs

Super Fly
Play: Scatter

Trouble Man
Play: Big

Shaft’s Big Score!
Play: Capt. Bollin

Play: Shadrach

Nothing but a Man
Play: Will Anderson

SERIES TV WITH: Julius Harris

The Jeffersons
The Jeffersons
Play: Rev. Taylor

Good Times
Good Times
Play: Ben Foster

sanford and son
Sanford and Son
Play: Doctor

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