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Gregory Hines

Gregory Hines

Born: 14 / 2 / 1946 , New York , Usa – Decede le 9 Aout 2003 a New York, Usa


Hines was born in New York City on February 14, 1946, the son of Alma Iola (Lawless) and Maurice Robert Hines, a dancer, musician, and actor.

Hines began tapping when he was two years old and began dancing semi-professionally at the age of five. After that, he and his older brother Maurice performed together, studying with choreographer Henry LeTang. Gregory and Maurice also learned from veteran tap dancers, such as Howard Sims and The Nicholas Brothers, whenever they performed in the same venues.

The two brothers were known as “The Hines Kids”, making nightclub appearances, and later as “The Hines Brothers”. When their father joined the act as a drummer, the name changed again in 1963 to “Hines, Hines, and Dad”.

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MORE MOVIE WITH: Gregory Hines

Once in the Life
Play: Ruffhouse

Off Limits
Play: Albaby Perkins

The Preacher’s Wife
Play: Joe Hamilton

Good Luck
Play: Bernard ‘Bern’ Lemley

Waiting to Exhale
Play: Marvin King

A Rage in Harlem
Play: Goldy

Play: Max Washington

Running Scared
Play: Ray Hughes

White Nights
Play: Raymond Greenwood

SERIES TV WITH: Gregory Hines

the Gregory Hines Show
the Gregory Hines Show
Play: Ben Stevenson

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