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Cleopatra Coleman

Cleopatra Coleman

Born: 29 / 10 / 1987 , Byron Bay , Australie –


Cleopatra Coleman comes from a family of creatives. Born to a costume designer, entrepreneur and belly dance teaching mother from Jamaica, and a musician, writer and director father of Scottish descent, Cleo got the performing bug at the age of four when she demanded her parents take her to ballet classes.

Growing up in a small but popular surfing town on the east coast of Australia, life was good, and Cleo was competing in dance competitions across the east coast of Australia, making it as a finalist in the National Dance championships and training 6 days a week in all forms of dance.

But it wasn’t long before Cleo’s ambitions outgrew her surroundings. At 14 she convinced her parents to move to Melbourne, where she signed with a modeling agent and booked a national commercial within a few months of arriving. That same year, she was cast in Silversun, an ensemble teen drama set in the year 2050 for the ABC.

It was there that Cleo fell in love with being on set.


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