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THIEF (2006)

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THIEF (2006)

Title: THIEF (2006)


Série Tv: Thief

Director: Norman Morrill
Screenwriter: Norman Morrill
Year: 2006 /
Time: 42 mn
Type: Drame, Policier, 
Distribution: FX Network


TRAILER of the film: Thief
Artists: Malik YobaAndré BraugherClifton Collins JrAlbert Hall, Mae Whitman, Yancey Arias, Will Yun Lee, Michael Rooker


When it comes to pulling heists, Nick Atwater is a master. But when it comes to his family life he is not as successful. But there are far bigger problems ahead, will he and his team be able to make a clean getaway?

Released: 28/03/2006 (Usa)

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Albert Hall André Braugher Malik Yoba Clifton Collins Jr

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