KNOCK (2017)
  • KNOCK (2017)
  • Title: Knock Director : Lorraine Levy Year : 2017 Time : mn Type : comedie Producer: Mars Films OFFICIAL SITE TRAILER: Knock With: Omar Sy,  Ana Girardot, Alex Lutz, Sabine Azema, Pascal Elbe, Audrey Dana, Helene Vincent Story: Knock, an ex-repentant doctor who has become a medical doctor, arrives in the small village of Saint-Maurice […]

Ouvrir la voix (2017)
  • OUVRIR LA VOIX (2017) – Speak Up/Make Your Way
  • Title: Ouvrir la voix (Speak Up/Make Your Way) Director : Amandine Gay Year : 2017 Time : 122 mn Type : documentaire Producer: Bras de Fer Production OFFICIAL SITE TRAILER: Ouvrir la voix (Speak Up/Make Your Way) With: ,  Story: OUVRIR LA VOIX (SPEAK UP/MAKE YOUR WAY) is a film about francophone European black women […]

    Ouaga Girls (2017)
  • OUAGA GIRLS (2017)
  • Title: Ouaga Girls Director : Theresa Traore Dahlberg Year : 2017 Time : 80 mn Type : documentaire Producer: Juste Distribution OFFICIAL SITE TRAILER: Ouaga Girls With: ,  Story: A group of young women from the outskirts of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, meet at the feminist education centre to study to become car […]

    Les Grands Esprits (2017)
  • Title: The Great Spirits Director : Olivier Ayache-Vidal Year : 2017 Time : 106 mn Type : societe Producer: Bac Films OFFICIAL SITE TRAILER: The Great Spirits With: ,  Denis Podalydes, Lea Drucker, Zineb Triki, Abdoulaye Diallo, Tabono Tandia Story: Francois Foucault, forty years is an associate professor of letters at the Lycee Henri IV, […]



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